On D’Irth (the human formal name of this world—-elves call it Uth-Anay (OOTH-aw-nay)) elves were the First People, the People of Power (that’s what their racial name means), the Caretakers, the Guardians, the Void Watchers. No other race’s pedigree is as impressive. All elves are considered nobility (some humans still consider them nobles too) and they hold some title or another, as their empire stretched across the entire world at one point, so nobles were needed to be in charge of their areas.

Elves built the first civilization, which continues to this day in a nearly unbroken imperial line. At one point, the elven empire (Desré-Anayon (dez-ray aw-NAY-on)) covered the entire world. This was pretty much the height of their power around 10,000 years ago.

Since the time of the peak of their empire, Desré-Anayon has been in slow decline & many territories have been lost to humans and other races. The Human empire Dezraya (dez-RAY-uh) was very derivative (think Romans ripping off the Greeks), rose about 7,000 years after the start of Desré-Anayon’s decline and held a lot of old elven territory successfully for 1000 years (which is pretty good for Humans, what with their shorter life span and all).

Elven civilization started on the continent that humans call The Hand (the proper (elven) name is Uth-va-qæ (OOTH-vaw-quay). The Fish’s (the other continent) elven proper name is Uth-va-zuž (OOTH-vaw-zooj)). The empire spread quickly across Uth-va-qæ, soon sweeping north into Uth-va-zuž. From there they spread to other parts of the world. There are 3 other (known) continents, Uth-va-tyi (OOTH-vaw-tee-EYE), Uth-va-aya-žra (OOTH-vaw-aye-yaw-juh-raw), Uth-va-pyal (OOTH-vaw-pee-all).

At the current time in the campaign, the elven empire continues sinking into decline.

Racial Template

4 +2 DEX
2 +2 INT
5 +1 OCV
5 +1 DCV
4 Elven Swiftness: Running +4m
2 Elven Eyes: +1 Sight Group PER
5 Elven Eyes: Ultraviolet Perception (Sight Group)
3 Elven Sleep: Lightsleep
4 Elven Longevity: Life Support (Longevity: lifespan of up to 1,600 years)
7 Human Appearance: Shape Shift (Sight/Touch/Hearing Groups), single form, Reduced END (0 END; +1/2) (18 Active Points); Extra Time (takes 1 minute to alter appearance; -1 1/2).
Total Cost Of Template Abilities: 41


+1 Woodland Dweller: Survival (Temperate/Subtropical Forests) (INT Roll)
+4 Elven Archery: +2 OCV with Bows
+6 Elven War-Skills: +2 with Swords, Spears, and Lances
+11 Elven Animal Empathy: Animal Handler (Canines, Equines, Felines, Raptors) (PRE Roll +3)
+20 Elven Magic: Magic Skill (INT Roll) and 17 points’ worth of spells and/or magical powers
+0 Elven Wakefulness: Replace Lightsleep with Life Support (Diminished Sleep: no need to sleep)
+6 Elven Artistry: 6 points’ worth of PSs related to art (Singing, Story- telling, Play Harp, and the like)
+61 High Elf Package: Increase to +3 DEX and +5 INT and add +2 STR, +5 EGO, +5 PRE, +2 PD, +2 ED, +1 SPD, and 30 points’ worth of spells and/or magical powers
+18 Wood Elf Package: Add Climbing (DEX Roll), +5 to Stealth; Only In Forests (-1), Survival (Temperate/Subtropical Forests) (INT Roll +3), Tracking (INT Roll)

(15) Psychological Complication: Hatred Of Tribal
Orcs And Grarks (Common, Strong)


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